Parenting as a Spiritual Practice :: 8-week virtual course

Experience the full potential of parenthood:

a transformative vessel for evolving yourself, your child, and the future.

“Miriam has done a terrific job in creating a genuinely viable version of Integral Parenting – one of the themes I am most often asked about. Those of you who would like to apply the principles of the Integral approach to parenting itself can now do so! Simply sign up and begin your very own Integral Parenting approach. Not only your child, but you, will benefit enormously, I’m sure. Very best wishes, Ken Wilber.”

Ken Wilber, integral philosopher, author, founder of Integral Life and the Integral Institute

A community learning experience facilitated by Miriam Mason Martineau

October 22 – December 17, 2018

Parenting can be a most powerful vehicle for spiritual growth, compassion-in-action, and evolutionary activism.

Yet… people on a personal development path often feel their practice must be put on hold when they take on the full-time job of parenting. How can changing diapers become your new meditation, or playing with legos your most advanced yoga?

And… many parents are awestruck by the responsibility of raising a child. They are overwhelmed by vastly different schools of parenting wisdom, struggling to forge a path that honors themselves and nurtures their children.  How can we hold the truths of such varied perspectives to raise our children with the most consciousness, love, and creativity we can muster?  How can we raise the bar for ourselves as parents while forgiving our very human limitations?

Miriam Mason Martineau has spent over 20 years asking such questions: as a researcher, integral practitioner, and mother.  She has found the practice of parenting undergoes a radical shift when placed in a new context: an integral, evolutionary perspective.  Parent, child, and the relationship between them are all invited to stretch the limits of their human potential — all while honoring the ever-present, already-whole perfection of the spiritual realm.

Join us for this transformative, 8-week online course!  Together we will explore this new frontier in the parenting adventure. From meta-perspectives to daily practices, you’ll discover just how powerful this integral-evolutionary context can be in creating the fullest, richest, most loving parenting practice.  Raise the bar for how you show up as a parent, and provide your child with the very best foundation for being a loving, creative, conscious being — while discovering an unshakeable ease amidst the inevitable ups, downs, and doubts of parenting.

Experience the full range of yourself and your child in the vessel of parenthood: immanent and transcendent, becoming and simply being, fundamentally connected and undeniably individual.



> Eight weekly teaching sessions + practice recordings,

> Handouts with guiding questions, practices, journalling reflections, and resources,

> Two live group coaching sessions with Miriam Mason Martineau,

> An exclusive Facebook group to connect with others and deepen the exploration together,

> Bonus calls: Three interviews with renowned parenting experts to supplement the course content and deepen your exploration— Dr. Daniel Siegel (psychiatrist, and synthesizer of neuroscience and mindfulness), Michael Gurian (author of over 25 books on parenting, education, and gender studies), and Dr. Gordon Neufeld (developmental psychologist, international speaker on child development, and bestselling author).

> 60-page article by Miriam Mason Martineau on parenting your whole child, considering the individual and collective aspects of the parent-child journey, as well as the interior and exterior modes of experience and reality.

> Reduced rate for one-on-one private counselling/coaching sessions with Miriam, should you choose to add this supportive element to your journey during your course time.

> The course cost is US$ 275

>  If you miss any of the sessions, you can access on our online course members’ page all the course session materials (recordings to listen to by playback or by download to your audio player, as well as all accompanying handouts and materials).The beauty of this format is that you can work with this course at the time that is most convenient for you and your family! For details on course dates, times and cost, please scroll down to FAQ.